"And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord;
it shall rejoice in His Salvation." -Psalm 35:9

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Sister!

Wow what a great Easter/Birthday!
Got to take my violin home! Gotta
find a teacher now. Got some clothes.
My brother and his wife got me a
gift certificate to get my hair done.
Cut & Color. I've been needing that!

Ok, My sister ... Rebecca
She's such a blessing to me!
It's raining right now & she
absolutely loves the rain!
She's 19 years younger than me, lol!
Yep she's my baby! Fifteen, & driving now, lol!
She's made straight As in school
because God has givin her His wisdom
and His favor. She has favor with God & man!
She wants to go to college and will get a
scholarship! She wants to go into the medical field!

She's a freshman in High School and is the captain
of the JV Cheerleaders (and will probably be
on the Varisty team next year) She's also on the
track team. She's beautiful and sweet, and funny!
Too funny. She loves music! She loves her family
& she loves God! She is my best friend & she
inspires me!

Todays Joys:

1) God blessing me with my sister, my friend!

2) Rain!

3) Birthday presents

4) Family

5) CAKE ~ yummy!

Gotta get back to work! Have a blessed day!

~hugs & sugahs~


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