"And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord;
it shall rejoice in His Salvation." -Psalm 35:9

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Thought I was going to have to

work today. What a blessing

I get to have another day off! YAY!

I'm going to share with you something

I wrote in my personal journal here

at home today... I pray it blesses you!

Who I was & Who I am ... 09/07/09

I was saved when I was just a little girl ...

My Mom always had my twin brother and

myself in church ever since I can remember..

Until soon after my Grandaddy died in August

right after my 16th birthday. My life has been

an emotional roller coaster since the age of 3 when

my Mom & Dad got a divorce.

To make a very long, long story a little bit shorter. . .

My Mom was married four different times. As the Bible

says ... I knew all about Jesus and read the Bible... I just

didn't know .... Jesus wanted to reveal Himself to me and

He still does...

I was saved as I said but I listened to the devil and became

a very angry young woman... Sure there was friends I had that

really weren't my friends at all ... I had gotten into smoking

cigaretts very early (5th grade) and drinking and drugs was

soon to follow... There were also boyfriends I had that I shoud

not have had anything to do with... I unfortunately did not wait

until I was married to have sex as I was taught.

There were lots of things I did not understand and I was

confused on top of all my anger.

I did marry for 7 years and got a divorce after he wanted to

leave and he got scared about our financial situation... I moved in

with my brother and eventually moved back close to my Mom,

step-Dad & sister with my brother.

Ya see I was seeking love and happiness in a man, in alcohol,

in drugs ... That love was not there... (It never will be)

Ending up heart broken and unhealthy from so much drinkin'

and druggin' I cried out to Jesus one night to save me. To just

get me out and away from my cheating boyfriend....

He did just that. I went back to work with my family as an

ad designer...

There are still days when I think I want to go back and be that

"party girl"... The devil tries to make me feel sad and lonely ...

Praise God that through His love and His Grace God gave me

Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help me and I never have to be lonely again!

I am loved, and I do love God, myself & others. I have JOY... Joy

that is way beyond happiness... I am a child of God... His Princess

as I like to call myself.

Here's a prayer from an article I read this morning that my Mom wanted

me to read. I wanted to share that also...

(I love my Mom, she's always praying for me and helping me.

As a Bible college graduate from Rhema Bible Collage she knows

a lot more about the Bible than I do. She's not only my Mother here

on earth... She' s my spiritual Mother and my friend!!!!!!)

Mother Teresa's Prayer:

"Lord, make me a channel of Your peace, that where

there is hatred, I may bring love,

Where the is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness,

Where there is dicord, I may bring harmony,

Where there is error, I may bring truth,

Where there is doubt, I may bring faith,

Where there is despair, I may bring hope,

Where there are shadows, I may bring light

and where there is sadness, I may bring joy."


Psalm 66: 17 - "For I cried out to Him for help,
Praising Him as I spoke"

Have a great rest of the weekend...

~ Hugs ~ JOY ~ Sugahs ~


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