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it shall rejoice in His Salvation." -Psalm 35:9

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Free PDF & A Giveaway!

Ok this is something I've been wanting to post on my blog for
awhile now. Not too long ago I posted about how my Mom, my sister and I
had a conversation about loosing weight. Well, I'm really super happy to tell you
that I've lost 14 pounds!! WooHoo YAY!!! And it's all because my sweet little Momma
found the dietsoulutionprogram.com! It's my mom's Birthday tomorrow! {{{{Happy Birthday & Happy Mother's Day!}}}} When she found it, I told my brother that I wanted
this for my birthday present that just past on April 12th. He got it for me and we've
been doing this for awhile now. Well, before my b-day we we're dieting... but this... THIS is
TOTALLY differnt. This is NOT dieting. This is; like it says, a Diet Solution! This is a different way
to eat. A healthy way to live.  A very sweet and good way to eat. It's really cool. And I know that
this is really close to the way we are suppose to eat. Ya know, like in the way the Bible says back
in the day, how they ate. It's so cool.... ok I already said that. I just wanted to say it again LOL!

This freebie I'm offering today is so awesome... it showed me so many things I didn't know. Well, the whole
Diet Solution program showed me a LOT I didn't know. About what we eat... what not to eat.... what
causes stubborn fat.... how to exercise and sooooo much more ... oh my, I couldn't really explain
everything.... I just KNOW in my heart of hearts that this is right. My Momma even found it in a
wierd way ya know. And we've tried every kind of diet and exercise you could think of ... and many
more { prob. un - heard of }  I'm just BEIN' FOR Real, Yo ... haha...
I pray over my food... oh yeppers I do... And I believe in prayer. I pray this: Father, thank you
for this food. Sanctify it ... make it to be norishment for my body.  Thank you for this daily bread.  etc... (what ever I pray and want to say to my Father God) .... I do believe also that if we know what is good for
us.... we need to eat what we know... ya know.... so, here's just one of the articles I read that I KNOW I had to share. It's free for you... all you have to do is just click on the link....
You will find out that you should NOT eat Corn, whole grains (whole wheat bread, etc), & soy.... 
Oh my goodness. when I found that Silk Soy Milk.... I LOVED it... for real. The Vanilla Soy milk taste
really good.... but, it isn't good for ya. Corn, Wheat & Soy... they put stuff on that.... Those crops are money
makers (some of them). For real tho.... they say it's all healthy for you. Thay say it's delicious and nutrious - Heart Healthy, etc.... It helps your heart... It gives you vitamins... essential vitamins that you absolutely need.... They want your money sweetheart. They want to sell their product. That's it.
 You will read how these products will
cause you to gain stubborn belly fat and make you sick. You will also learn about foods that they tell
you to avoid when trying to loose weight... Such as eggs... whole eggs can actually HELP your body 
burn abdominal fat! That includes, yes, oh yes ... eating the yolks! This deceptive marketing... really made
me angry... I wanted to spit nails ya know..... and oh my goodness.... sugar & processed food.... like some of the microwave stuff and cheese and sooo many other stuff.... Mom says the best thing we can do is eat raw/ natural and organic foods. 1 (One) ingrediant foods....   Fruit, Veggies, Meat, Egg, Nuts.... etc....
I know, I know, I like certain foods too.... like the junk food.... chips, candy... even cheeseburgers & fench fries... Pizza, grilled cheese, Cake.... etc... ya know. If you eat Meat ... eat only grass fed Chicken, Cow for beef, etc... They are suppose to be roaming and eating natuarally (grass fed) what they are suppose to eat... not what others feed them.... corn feed or other stuff, ya know....
 And the Bible says moderation right.... you don't
deprive yourself... but ya know what is good for ya.... if you have a cheat day.... eat 1 piece of pie... not the
whole pie.... eat a scoop of ice cream not the whole carton. Eat 2 pieces of pizza ... not a whole medium pizza. If or when you start eating "THE GOOD STUFF" you will notice automatically how differently you
feel after eating the other stuff you use to eat. I'm serious.  Read the Bible in these verses:  Psalm 103 - James 1:22, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Philippians 4:13, Genesis 1:29, Ezekiel 4:9 {Ezekiel Bread - they have that bread in the freezer section in some grocery stores & in most organic stores - eat only a little of this per week... ) ...   The way I use to eat made me feel soooo yucky & sleepy and LAZY.... forget about that... you wanna feel good.... Ok, I'll stop rambling on about this. I want to give you the freebie article and if you just leave me a message all about you and what you think about all
of this you could win my giveaway... yeppers... I'm doing another giveaway.... The Diet Solution I got for my
birthday.... you could get it for FREE! I've decided that I will give away 4 {{{{Yes FOUR - 4 }}}} Diet Solution Programs FREE!! It's helped me so much! I'll send 4 of my fabulous blog readers the Diet Solution Program in .PDF format. It not only includes the Diet Solution manual. It also includes these manuals: 
- The Diet Solution Quick Start Guide
- 14 Days To A Sexy New Body in 2011
- Metabolisim Type Test
- Success Journel
- Recipes
- Complete Done For You Meal Plans
- Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes Keeping You Fat
- Food Shopping Guide

A total of $47.... leave a message to win the giveaway!!!!
This giveaway ends on June 1st, and I'll pick the winners
using Random.org. Looking forward to reading your comments!

Hugs ~JOY~Health,



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