"And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord;
it shall rejoice in His Salvation." -Psalm 35:9

Friday, November 4, 2011

I Won!!

Yes, so happy it's Friday!! What's everyone doing
this weekend? I'm going to watch a movie with
my Mom & sister tonight. Going shopping with
Mom tomorrow. Grocery shopping too.... and guess what?!

Harris Teeter is doing Super Double Coupons right now!
WooHoo!!! So say if you have $1.50 coupon, you get
$3.00 off! So, Mom & I are going there on Saturday.
Tell ya what, who ever goes shopping there and comes
back here and let's me know all the good deals they
got... ya know brag about it.... the 9th person to
comment will win a mystery surprise!!!
Just make sure you come back next week
to see what ya win!

Oh yeah, guess what I won?! I won a
$50 gift certificate from Target by signing
up for an email newsletter at Gigispetals.com
They have the cutest deals there. Go check it out.

Mom & I stood at the computer laughing like
crazy this morning. At awkward family & pet
photos. Did anyone else see that on msn.com?
Here's a link for ya. Go HERE! So funny!
{I warned ya...}

Right now you can go to allyou.com and
enter this Holiday Giveaway. After you
enter there it'll have a link where you
can enter at myrecipe.com and then
they'll have a link to realsimple.com
and enter there also. You can enter
daily at all three of those sites. Hope I win. LOL
And remember to enter my jilliewillie.com
giveaway HERE!

Have a great weekend!



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