"And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord;
it shall rejoice in His Salvation." -Psalm 35:9

Friday, February 24, 2012

Uh Oh Toto!! Dog Sitting & A Tornado?

Busy week at work... it's always busy LoL

Well this weekend I get to watch my Mom's
dogs. They are such a joy & I love them.
It's hard work and kinda frustrating sometimes
though... The only reason I say that is
because Mom has 6 doggies! SIX  3 Westies - Snoball, Coconut & Duffy
 1 Dachshund - Herman (don't have a picture of Herman on the computer)
1 mix that Rebecca found when he was a puppy (that's him & her in
the picture above) - Jacoby &  1 Basset Hound - Brinkley. (Don't have
a picture of Brinkley yet either.)
(The picture of the Westie puppies are Snoballs & Coconut's. They've
already got good homes!)

   But we will have fun. Walks & playing with lots of
TREATS!! (shhhh can't say that word too loud
right now haha)

Was sitting here working on some menus and
I heard there was a tornado warning for our
county.... YIKES... knew there was going to
be storms. We don't need that tornado though.
Please send it away God!!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
Stay safe!!

{{{{Hugs & Joy - Woof Woof!!!}}}}



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